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i have 2-3 questions to ask

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i'm new here and i have three questions

1) which action can i use to delete text in botchief

2) how can i use controls randomly, for example where there's two option ( true or false ), i want to select true or false randomly using control operate action

3) can someone please make a tutorial on how to make projects ( not modules ) in botchief

i don't know if it's clear but i need help, it's urgent

2020/04/07 14:38:53
1, you can use Set Value or RunJavaScriptCode action. We have answered you in your another ticket.

2, you can use Variable Operate variable to pass in a batch of values, and then use the if command to judge, when the value is 1, let the bot go to True, when the value is 2, go to False.

3, you can refer to this post to know how to use Form:

It's suggested to watch the tutorial to study the software first if you are a newbie here.

Any question with the software, please feel free to contact us.
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