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Our sytem have detected unusual traffic: TrafficBot Pro V2

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I get the following message from Google, after TrafficBotPro V2 types in a search term and presses submit:

Our sytem have detected unusual traffic from your computer network. This page checks to see if it's really you sending requests, and not a robot.

I am using highly anonymous proxies from www.squidproxies.com

I have auto bound fingerprint to each proxy.

I am also using NordVPN, to shield further. Usually NordVPN gives me a UK proxy, as I live in the UK.

Please advise?

Dora Smith
2020/08/24 17:13:52


It may be because the same proxy was used multiple times every day.

Here are suggestions.

If you have few proxies, you need to change a batch of proxies after a period of time.

If you many proxies, please do not use the same ip too many times a day.

2020/08/27 07:04:52
No. These were brand new proxies, used for the very first time.
Dora Smith
2020/08/28 12:02:57

@ Charlesr1971

Can you tell us your advertising platform and your website? We will help you check it.

Or you can contact us via support tickets platform.


2020/08/29 05:24:49
I was just trying to get clicks from Google to:


2020/08/29 19:02:55
It turns out that squidproxy had given me stupid proxies in Asia. Once we changed them to UK/Europe & USA IPs, things started working.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused. I really thought it was a problem with TrafficBotPro, but it turns out that it was a problem with the proxies.
Dora Smith
2020/09/02 11:59:16

Thanks for your feedback and sharing!

Please feel free to contact us if you need more help in the future.

Dora Smith
2020/09/03 10:59:40

Hello? Charlesr1971

Can you share with us the proxy website you use? Squidproxy?

Your sharing will be highly appreciated!

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