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A Simple Bot to Bulk-autoFollow People on Twitter

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Download this bot, please visit this link


Visit http://www.botchief.com to get BotChief software.

2019/06/07 09:30:07


you should change the name from

Simple Bot to Bulk-autoFollow People on Twitter


Complicated Bot to Bulk-autoFollow People on Twitter

Anyone use this bot is not only crazy but also can wast his life trying to follow people on twitter when we only want them to follow us.

Have a life,

Please create another one for people to follow our site.


2019/06/11 18:08:52

Do you want others to follow you please?

This software is emulating the online operation of the web page. So can you manually let others to follow you?

2020/04/12 01:55:31
hi, i tried to make a bot that subscribes and provides views on youtube, but the thing is when i subscribe using that bot, it's not for real, i'm using gecko browser, after hitting the number of subscribes i need and the operation is successful, i use chrome browser to check if my subscribers are there but they are not, so what's the issue??, can't gecko browser work like the other browser on youtube??
2020/04/14 11:10:44

Will the subscribers be here if you manually do the click in your browser?

Have you tried to use different proxies to perform the subscribe?

How will the subscribe be counted?

2020/04/15 09:32:59
hi, does set proxy works on google chrome browser??
2020/04/15 09:43:19
for the browser i changed the user agents and worked
2020/04/15 11:44:40

Yes you can change the proxy in the software too.

Will it work in your bot if you changed the useragent?

2020/04/15 21:34:45

yes, i changed the useragent and i was able to subscribe but i was not able to login to my gmail account, it says browser not support, i'm working on gecko 45 and i don't know why things are not working, please suggest me every possible solution for this issue??, thanks in advance

2020/04/16 15:31:06
How about change the useragent of your module, can it solve the Gmail login issue? We answered you in your another post, please go to check it.
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