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I suddenly have a Twitter account that cannot login with username alone

ReplyThanks 2019/03/25 20:47:44 0 0

I have twitter.com/bitcarfan and I cannot log into it (Chrome browser, Desktop + Mobile) with just my username. I must enter my full email address to login. If I only enter the username I get an error that I have to be logged in for that. Yeah... Only logging in with my @ddress works. Weird, right?

Anyone else seen this before? Bug or new "feature"? :(


2019/04/01 17:54:46

I'm getting more and more accounts that fell victim to this. I cannot login with username, only with email address. If I try to login with a username I get an error stating that I have to be logged in for that :(

Twitter is becoming pretty useless over the last year...

2019/05/16 18:32:43

Sorry for the late reply.

If this problem is the same as login manually on the Twitter page, you can feed it back to Twitter.

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