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paully 2016/11/30 15:41:47 0 0
HiI recently bought the bot for twitter, i have unstalled it as described in the email sent to me but i;m having problem with how the whole functionality of the bot is there any video tutorial that can guide me on how to use it? ThanksRegards
djgbshows 2016/09/02 13:27:12 0 0
Ok so i am trying to scrap the user channels url (href) for every user that leaves a comment on a youtube channel. I have watched every video on the scraper and talked to support with no help.I know how to use the scraper but i can not figure out how to save the youtube channel urls to a variable or even export to a .csvExample go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOSv1TIa58M their are about 7,653 comments on this videos, i need to...
djgbshows 2016/09/02 13:28:57 0 0
ok so i made a bot that uses accounts to do various actions but when setting up multiple threads itll use 1 account for all of the threads at once, how do i have it rotate through the accountsEq: account once performs 10 tasks then goes to account 2 - performs 10 tasks etc etc
marcwong2000 2016/08/12 19:20:25 0 0
Im wondering if you can create a "sneaker bot" with bot chief that allows the user to buy shoes online and autofill checkout for you faster than a human can. also if so, which version of bot chief would work to complete this task? some examples of "sneaker bots" are ones called ANB aio bot. heres a link to the ANB aio bot http://www.aiobot.com/#intro  im looking to create a bot just like this one and if someone could help me out id greatly appreciate it.
ChesapeakeBaybe 2016/08/08 17:29:36 0 0
Every time I enter the url to the webpage I need to start on, the website automatically redirects me to their homepage. When I manually go to the site, after it redirects me I can click the "back" button on the browser to access the page I want. How can I do this in botchief? ... either click the "back" button or click alt + left arrow to get back to the page I want?
ChesapeakeBaybe 2016/08/08 19:16:50 0 0
What is the default browser for botchief? Is there some way to change to a different browser?
dimi.dimi 2016/04/26 04:45:05 0 0
Is it possible with this software to create a bot that will auto-click repeatedly on a google CPC ad?I would like to create something like this, that randomizes the IP each click.Any advice would be welcomed :)Thanks guys
ebrunet 2015/09/28 03:11:45 0 0
Hi,I have a problem with a retweet task. I encounter the errors below.Even if I have chosen the Desktop method to Retweet, it seems that TAP3 uses a mobile user agent to search the tweets. And it is a problem (see below). I tried to change the user agent but it still doesn't work.Can you help me ?Best,...
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