• Jjones88
  • My topic Table Loop: Add X Amount of...
  • Hey, I been trying to create a table loop that allows me to add a number so the actions repeat on that chosen number. I been going through the forms and not understanding how to do this.  I have all actions that work inside the Table Loop. I have: Variables: 1 Name: Loop Action Initialize Variable - Need set Variable before the variable before run  - There is no default value..... Global Variable  Table 2. Name: Table Loop String Initialize Variable - Need set Variable before the variable before run Local Variable  String I added the table loop  Select a table variable (Table Loop String) than in the box I have set Table Loop String and saved. When running the module I add a number, for example 5, and the loop does not occur.  Thanks
  • 2017-08-10 06:11
  • Jjones88
  • My topic Posting a Comment
  • Hey I am having issues posting a comment. I have done the following: 1.       1. Scroll down to comment box area is the box is visible. (works) 2.       2 .Create a Control Operate and Select Control the Comment Box (works 1/10 times) 3.       3. Create a New Keyboard Emulation, Select Control on comment box, add message to process, and  I have tried using just number 3 and the same result. The error I receive: Fail: Did Not Find Controls Any methods on fixing this?
  • 2017-08-10 10:34
  • Jjones88
  • My topic Proxy Fail When URL Load, H...
  • Hey, Sometimes a proxy does not work with the website I am creating a bot for. This means that when the website denies the proxy, the bot timesout. What can I add to the page url load to go back to "Set Proxy" when this happens.  Thanks
  • 2017-08-04 04:50