• richardbox82
  • My topic Pva Training
  • Is there anybody on this site that would be happy to train me on how to use this software? Once trained I myself will be happy to provide a detailed video tutorial in English, beginning with an introduction of the extras that we need to get started, where to obtain them and then how to add them, leading to a detailed tutorial on how to use PVA Creator. Message me at [email protected]
  • 3-31 21:18
  • richardbox82
  • My topic Blackbulk Mail Training
  • I've had Blackbulk Mail for a while and have still not yet used it. The tutorials are not that great for a beginner, and I wanted to know if anybody on here could offer me any training?
  • 3-29 15:31
  • richardbox82
  • My topic How is the Mail Sent
  • How is the webmail sent? is it with (no smtp) just like you do in your regular browser? Or is it by using  the socket way like FastBulkMailer? Nothing has been explained on the sales page or here on the forum?
  • 1-19 7:6