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Tips by PaperHelp to Make Writing Articles for the Web Effective

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Writing a blog article effectively depends not only onSEO and the tone of voice we use but also on psychology, sociology, andanthropology. Psychology, sociology, and anthropology can also give us a hand:how to write an article that can capture our reader's attention?

Most of those who work as web copywriters, or have todo it occasionally for their business, believe that the success of an articleis closely related to the ability to write it well from an SEO point of viewand, at the same time, keep the reader's interest. Writers from a paperwriting service company believe that an article should solve a reader'sproblem in order for them to come back to your blog once more.

How to write compelling articles for your website?

These are some of the essential points to write a goodarticle, but they represent only a part of the job. Making a speedy summary,the basic rules for SEO friendly writing are:

Don't create blocks of text, mashups of manyparagraphs without spaces or images.

Center the keyword in the title, possibly as the firstword, and use semantic variations or synonyms.

A good logical organization of the text

Use of correlations in the text

Well-organized content according to the information wewant to provide

Internal links to related content or content that wewant to promote

External links to authority sites related to the topicwe are dealing with.

Images are well optimized and, if possible descriptiveabout the topic we are dealing with.

It is nothing new; the Internet is full of blogstalking about this topic; there is no need to delve much because literally,there are already those who have written entire encyclopedias on "the artof writing for your website."

In addition, each web copywriter, as with SEOspecialists in their sector. Among other things, each one has his technique onthe tone of communication and writing style.

I am interested in communicating today in this blogbecause of my personal experience writing articles for the web.

5 things to keep in mind when approaching articlewriting for the web.

The first question that, in my opinion, is crucialwhen approaching the writing of an article for the web is the following:

What is the objective of my article, what do we wantto achieve with it?

The objective has to be clear from the beginning. Itis not a trivial question since you are clear about the aim of writing a blogfor a business or a freelancer.

The answers I have heard the most when asking thisquestion to clients have been:

  • I want to sell more. I want more customers.
  • I want my company to gain recognition, to be known as an authority in the industry.
  • I want to rank for X word in Google.

And all of them are logical and natural answers, butnone of them captures the real focus: to solve a problem for the targetaudience.

Be influential in its market, or climb positions inthe SERPs. The way I see it is whether a company wants to find new customers.It is always important to keep in mind that we are talking about communicationand advertising.

Whoever is in charge of writing for the web is not awriter, a poet, or computer technician who must forget the reader. He is anadvertiser even if he doesn't know it.

His goal is to communicate using a critical lever: tosimplify people's lives looking for information, products, or services online.

But that's not all because another of the copywriter'sobjectives is to build reader loyalty with the content we publish on the blog.

How can you succeed? By constantly trying to writeupdated, valuable and easy-to-read articles. A copywriter should never be seenas a mere executor who fills a sheet with keywords and links, but as acommunication specialist whose goal is to study the sociological context of histarget, before writing.

To write a blog article that is useful and effective,the following ingredients must be present:

  • SEO
  • Logic
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
  • Anthropology

It is my view of content marketing, it's not an exactscience, but in my experience as a web copywriter to date, I have found thatthe best articles are the ones that take all these aspects into account.

Leaving aside for a moment all the talk about SEO,essential but not predominant, let's delve into everything else.

Writing a good article based on logic.

It is not always easy to think about this, sometimestime is a slab for a content writer, but you have to do it. That is, you mustbuild a logical mental map of how you want to develop the speech.

But going back for a moment to the objectivesdiscourse and the problem-solution scheme, in the introduction, it would begood to draw the reader's attention to the solution we will talk about andconfirm to them that they have arrived at the right place.

Journalists might lynch me for this because they don'ttreat the reader like a five-year-old. And to be honest, neither should we, butthe reality is that the online audience is too varied and disparate to begeneric in an introduction, and we're also writing for a robot, Google's robot.

However, we always try to find a middle ground, alsobecause Google has become very sophisticated for a while now and doesn't likepoorly written or poorly organized content.

In your nice notebook, write down this outline andmark it up. You'll need it, and you'll change it at least another 1000 times.

Writing a blog post on psychology and sociology.

The copywriter certainly can't be an expert inpsychology and sociology, but let's say they should be empathetic andinterested in these topics. As silly as it may sound, having some excitementabout sitting at the bar and observing people and their behaviors can be anexcellent exercise to do.

When we study a topic because we have to write aboutit, we should put ourselves very much in the consumer's shoes and ask ourselvesthese questions:

Do I know the problem I'm talking about? If the answeris yes, we are on the right track because, even if we do not know all thetechnical terms to use, we know what our reader feels when he comes to ourarticle. If the answer is no, the best way to get to the heart of the matter isto conduct interviews. With whom? Friends and family are good starting points,but the main idea is to put ourselves in our "ideal buyer type"shoes.

Write a blog article with anthropology in mind.

That's why, before starting a content marketingstrategy, you have to set aside hours to meet with the client, talk to thepotential target audience (which we can also find among our friends or maybejust us), and ask a lot of questions.

Once all these aspects are apparent, the outline wewere talking about initially will undergo quite a few changes.

Another fundamental aspect of all this talk is that ifwe have read and studied everything we had at our disposal to write about atopic, we will become communicators. We will also mark the style that must bekept to make the reader loyal and turn him into a customer.

If the target audience perceives knowledge, passionfor details, frequent updates, and empathy, we will achieve the goals we were talkingabout at the beginning of the article and that we all want to achieve.

I hope I have left you with some exciting ideas towork with in your next article.

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