This free tool may be used to count just how many outgoing links are on a specific page, and it’s as easy as entering the URL for that website then clicking a button.

The hyperlink count checker may be used for several different purposes. Mostly, website owners may decide to check just how many external hyperlinks are on a specific page to make sure quality because it’s a bad idea to create excessive outgoing links.

Moreover, however, this tool may be used to save you the amount of money and headache of buying advertising or link building from a less-than-credible company. Link farms (webpages or websites which exist just for publishing backlinks) will hurt your reputation a lot more than they will assist, and it'll only take a couple of seconds of your time to investigate a web page prior to deciding to exchange links.

It is suggested that you utilize this hyperlink count checker tool while a starting place to eliminate pages which could potentially harm your reputation in the event that you were to exchange links. Afterwards, further evaluation is encouraged by manually reviewing the relevance of this page. You may also utilize this tool to check on the Google PR to make sure you'll benefit by publishing a web link also to determine if the Search engines PR is genuine or fake.

Please let us know that if you want more functions in this small software, we will listen your suggestion and add them :)